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We understand that trying to get the disability benefits you deserve after your military career can be a stressful and difficult process, sometimes with no results. We are here to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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Did you know there are millions of Veterans who do not receive the disability benefits they deserve? These benefits can greatly improve a soldier’s Quality of Life.

Every day we meet Veterans who are disabled and do not receive the benefits they are entitled to and that do not know they are entitled to these benefits.

We are VA disability claim experts specialized in assisting Veterans by making them aware of the disability benefits they are Medically, Ethically and Legally entitled to through the development of successful strategic solutions.

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To help every qualified Veteran obtain the VA disability benefits they deserve, while providing superior service and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

The VA rating decision letter is the letter that outlines the VA’s decision regarding your disability claim. The VA will decide if your impairments are service-connected and eligible for benefits. Your impairments will also receive a VA disability benefits rating. This rating can be anywhere from 0% (not severe enough to be compensable by law) to 100% (so severe they are fully covered). These VA ratings will determine your monthly payments. This letter will also list the sum of your benefits, and when you are going to begin receiving VA disability payments.

A VA Disability Rating is a percentage of possible benefits decided by the VA’s Rating Authorities to a disabled Veteran. The VA Disability Rating determines the amount of VA Disability Benefits a Veteran will receive for service-related conditions. The VA Disability Rating reflects the severity and impact of the disability. For example, a 0% VA Disability Rating is given to a condition that the VA recognizes as a service-related injury but does not qualify for compensation; however, you can still receive some benefits. Disability ratings are rounded off to the nearest ten, i.e., 50%, 60%, 70%.

The total combined VA Disability Rating is the combination of all of the conditions afflicting a Veteran. After each condition or ailment is given a VA Disability Rating, all the ratings are calculated to give a Total Combined VA Disability Rating. This overall VA Disability Rating is then used to determine the exact amount of VA Disability Benefits the Veteran will receive.

As a service, Veteran Alliance provides medical consulting to support  VA claims with medical evidence. Our professionals are on hand to help  you with acquiring the correct medical evidence to support your claim.  Our goal is to medically and ethically get you the highest rating you  qualify for. However, we do not fill out claims or provide legal and  medical advice. We help you medically strategize evidence to support  your claim.

Veterans Service Officers help Veterans by educating about available  services, assisting with filing claims, and by representing individuals  and presenting claims at VA hearings. Unlike Veteran Alliance, VSOs are a  government service that is free to Veterans.

Veteran Alliance is a private organization, so as a client, you are  our main priority. We can offer you more attention, helping you develop  medical evidence to support your claim.

We offer a free consultation to see if we are a fit for you. Veteran Alliance only receives payment when you choose to work with us, and you subsequently receive a claim benefit. We NEVER charge any medical consulting fees unless you receive a benefit from our services.