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Are Chiropractic Services Safe For Kids

Many people worldwide rave about the positive effects of chiropractic. It has restored muscle and nerve function, decreased and even eliminated pain, and even decreased the symptoms of some diseases. Chiropractors prod, pull, pop and stretch your body to put it back in optimal working condition, but are these services safe for children?


A child of any age is safe in the capable hands of a well-trained family chiropractor. Most practitioners and chiropractors actually recommend a spinal adjustment, or chiropractic adjustment, for infants shortly following childbirth, as many childhood diseases and abnormalities stem from the stressful and traumatic experience of being pushed and pulled through the birth canal. These disk displacements, though they seem trivial, actually have major effects on the child’s development and health.

Consider this real-life example about the benefits of chiropractic services:

A 5-year-old boy had a condition which left him with no control over his bowels. His doctors were baffled because his digestive system was working perfectly and yet he frequently soiled himself at school and in public because he couldn’t feel the need to go to the bathroom. As a last effort, his parents sought the help of a chiropractor, who, during the first adjustment, realigned a seriously misplaced vertebrae just above his tailbone. Later that day, while walking around at the local mall, the little boy looked up to his mother with a look of confusion and concern. He expressed that he felt pressure in his bottom, and wasn’t sure what it was or what to do about it. Immediately, his mother took him to the bathroom, where he made his first controlled bowel movement. The family chiropractor and pediatrician concluded together that the vertebrae must have been displaced during childbirth, pinching the nearby nerves and cutting off the senses that signal the urge to defecate. Since nothing appeared to be wrong externally, the child’s parents, through no fault of their own, failed to realize that it was a neurological gap in communication.

Cases like these are not uncommon, especially with the adventurous nature of the subjects at hand. Many kids don’t report back and neck injuries to their parents because they don’t want to confess to whatever mischief led to the injury. Regular chiropractic care is highly recommended for children of all ages to help prevent pain and disorders later in life.

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